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March 23, 2012

Anticipating some extra interest when the Guardian piece was published, I wrote this as a little introduction of sorts to me, the writer. But it brought some latent ideas to the fore….

A Certain Confusion

A Guardian editorial towards the start of the year praised brevity. It ended: “We have run out of words before we have run out of space.”

A boon of a blog is, of course, that the space never runs out. This is, of course, a mixed blessing. And in an age that now seems determined to fetishise the ‘long read‘ form, perhaps as a way to kick against the perceived lack of attention span and news ‘bites’ of modern (online) culture, the art of writing short might be getting short shrift – except on Twitter, thanks to its 140-character limit.

I’m never going to be pithy – I am too fond of prolix digressions – but I admire the writer who stops when they have run out of words for the topic at hand, rather than for any constraints of space afforded them by commission or convention.

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