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March 23, 2012

Maybe it’s my age, but I’m getting reminiscent about experiences past. In this post, I share some excerpts from the nearest thing I’ve ever had to a diary. I kept it while working at CERN – before they started hunting the Higgs boson. The ‘epic’ account of 28 August 2005 makes me smile … now.

A Certain Confusion

Six and a half years ago, I arrived in Switzerland to do a work placement with the exhibitions team at CERN as part of my MSc in Science Communication. It followed hard on the heels of producing a play in London – the last night was Saturday; on Sunday I flew from London City Airport to Geneva, me white as a sheet with terror, to start a job for which I had almost no qualification, in a new country where I spoke almost none of the language(s), on Monday morning at 9am.

My memory is shocking – experiences do not live on in my brain to be faithfully recalled like a film (or even radio) documentary of my life. No, they melt away, or melt together, or merge with dreams and imagined conversations. But mostly, they melt away, leaving me with a world-view shaped by my experiences but unrooted and…

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